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Hi, I’m Courtney Zentz, the game-changing business coach who doesn’t just think outside the box—I dismantle it. With a knack for turning entrepreneurial chaos into streamlined success, I offer a fresh, no-nonsense approach to business coaching that’s as effective as it is unorthodox. With a bold, irreverent style, I challenge norms and help you tap into the potential you didn’t even know you had. If you’re ready to transform your business and make your own rules while doing it, then lets discuss how I can help .

Well Hey!

Start up go-getter at your service

So you’ve launched a business—congrats! But let’s face it: taking your venture to the next level is a whole different beast. You’re a maestro in your field, but navigating the complexities of scaling a business often feels like deciphering a foreign language. It’s not just about working harder; it’s about working smarter, and that’s where a lot of entrepreneurs hit a wall, hemorrhaging time, money, and, let’s be real, a ton of emotional energy. Intrigued? Stick around. Your business transformation is closer than you think.


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Creating Order from Chaos

I’m Courtney

The Accidental Business Coach

In 2015, maternity leave wasn’t a break—it was my battlefield. Amidst the chaos and a newborn’s cries, the concept of Tiny Transitions was born. Fast-forward to today, and it’s not just another company; it’s the country’s most trusted pediatric sleep coaching practice, boasting a rockstar team and year-over-year double-digit growth. Armed with 15 years of corporate marketing savvy, I soon realized something shocking: many of my talented entrepreneurial peers were in the dark when it came to the business side of things. They were masters of their craft, but clueless in operations and marketing—the engine and fuel of any enterprise. Then came the game-changer: “You need to charge for this,” a peer told me, “your expertise is transformative.” That lit the fuse. Now, with a tribe of over 150 entrepreneurs under my wing, I’ve found my calling—turning your entrepreneurial chaos into a finely-tuned symphony. Ready for the transformation? You’re exactly where you need to be.

Courtney x0x

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How it started

The growth in small chunks

My first launch of a business coaching program was The Sleep Coach Success Lab. I had about 12 people enroll in my high-ticket group mentoring and coaching program, and it was a smashing success. Their business was transformed, I was on to something and I LOVED teaching.

Brooke Hohendal - Bedtime Beginnings

With the first one under my belt, I knew I was doing something here that was different and better. I heard too many horror stories of bait-and-switch programs, and I wasn’t going to be one of them. However, I noticed people needed more of me. They didn’t understand systems, websites, and marketing; it was foreign to them. Each time I would launch The Lab®, I tweaked the levels, the coaching, and the support. Some were OK with implementation; they just needed what I was teaching. Others wanted me in their pocket as their business bestie for 1:1 private coaching – which I love. Seeing people transform is such a rush. In both my sleep coaching and business coaching, I get to watch that transformation happen. Confidence. Knowlede Growth. Harmony. Hustle. Who wouldn’t love that – and it’s exactly what I deliver. 

You will be amazed

My Mantra

You are the Creator of Your Life…

…but even visionaries need a blueprint. Discover how my business coaching program can elevate your ideas from ‘what if’ to ‘what’s next.’ Let’s turn your passion into a thriving, scalable enterprise. Click here to begin your transformative journey with me today!

Get the Results You Want

We are all in business for different reasons, and I help deliver the results you have been yearning for. 

Working Directly with Me

You work with me. The bait & switch of coaches I find annoying. They do that because they lack the knowledge. When you sign up for me, that’s what you get – and a brain jam-packed with things to teach you.

Invested in You

When you are successful, that means I have been successful, and I take that very seriously. I am not your “average” business coach. 

I love my career. 

and being present for my family.

I will never not work. I thrive in the fast-paced world, as a super Type-A, who loves harmony and hustle. Plus, I am damn good at it. Mentoring, coaching, and empowering people to reach new limits – sign me up.  Plus, I get to start my days at 5 AM, where I am most creative, work from the beach when I want and still be there to snag my kids off the bus. Dream come true. 

I love being outside. Sun, sand, nature. Yes!

Oh, and I have backyard chickens. It started as a joke during COVID but I quickly feel in love and enjoy the joy these little ladies bring to our house. Plus, they eat all of the scraps from the kitchen, so nothing is going to waste here. 

Courtney & Her Chickens
Courtney Zentz & Family

My Family Is My World.

Cuddles, kisses, belly laughs and gratitude. When you love what you have, you have everything you need. When I first became a mom, I wasn’t sure I was cut out for it. After 9 years with two kids in my life and an amazing and supportive husband, I am forever thankful. 

I am a fresh flowers & essential oil junkie

Nothing makes me more calm and serene than lavender or lemongrass in the diffuser and a fresh vase of whatever flowers they had at Whole Foods or that the deer managed to miss in our backyard. I love crafting with natural products and I take coloring with my kids very seriously, as long as they don’t mess my lines up.

Crow Where You Go - Courtney Doing A Crow Yoga Pose

I Love Yoga.

It started as a way to do something different at the gym. It became an obsession. I couldn’t image that I felt this good, this calm, this refreshed and so well stretched. 

Hot yoga, power yoga, restorative yoga. You name it, I like it. This year I still need to tackle ariel and bikram – but it’s on my list. 


We are a good fit if:

You Have…

A Desire to succeed

With the right strategy, plan and coach, you can succeed in building the business you dream of. 

Are Ready to Put in the Work

Only you can put in the work. In my 15 years, it’s the drive to figure it out that separate those who succeed. 

The Right Mindset

No glass empty people here. We GET TO change the lives of our clients every day doing what we love. Now, we have to do it different and better together.

Are Excited by Growth

While many want financial growth and freedom, it doesn’t always come down to money. I want growth to help more people, to grow in my time volunteering, to grow in my relationship with God. If growth in your life excites you, then you are in the right place. 

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