Tired of the Chaos of Business?

You are the expert in your wheelhouse with a fierce passion, except no one told you how hard the business side of things would be to understand & implement.

Introducing the Lab


If you’re like a lot of Entreprenuers, you’re giving so much of yourself to this business because you’re committed to its success.

  • Showing up on social
  • Building a website that is DRIVING BUSINESS
  • Blogging and sharing your voice
  • Making Videos to reach more people
  • Trying to do outreach + build connections

You’re putting yourself out there, but none of it is working as well as you’d hoped, and it’s time for something to change.

Because the bottom line is this:

You need more clients… consistently.

Sound familiar?

Now is the Time

to propel your business forward with a coach who really cares


Each entrepreneur’s strengths, weaknesses and overall journey is unique, and that’s why generic, stale, one-size-fits all programs with coaches you can’t even speak to about your business don’t work. {Trust me, I have been in this situation myself…}

In the Lab – you get ME. When you are successful I am successful and truly that brings me joy. 


Most coaching modules are generic or are taught by a coach who brings in the expert because they don’t know how to actually do it. That’s not what I do here. With me, you learn the module, and HOW to implement the learning for success.}

A complete, comprehensive education with ALL of the supporting content you need to succeed.


When you hire a business coach, you want to be taught, supported, heard and helped. I am a different style of coach, who invests in you with an unparalleled passion for helping you WIN. When you win, I win! {and I want you to win.}   

Live coaching with me, plus an army of other talented entrepreneurs who can be your village.

Courtney Zentz - Sleep Consultant & Coach

In case we haven’t Met Yet, I’m Courtney Zentz

I create calm from chaos, helping you find balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

When I first started my business 9 years ago, I was overwhelmed and paralyzed too. My head was spinning with a million questions and even more as I started to grow and scale. 

How do I consistently get clients?

Am I charging what I am worth? 

How to I connect with new partners?

I could go on and on here, but you get the point. Building a sustainable business isn’t easy and it’s not without work.

I spent 15+ years as an executive in Sales and Marketing – and I learned A LOT. Now, I get to share that knowledge with you too! My knowledge and experiences have enabled me to help over 150 coaching clients on their path to success.

Courtney Zentz Family

The Lab

Equal Parts of Harmony & Hustle

The only program on the market that combines extensive knowledge with action-based business strategy – regardless of your business background. Everything you need to know, every step you need to take, and everything you DON’T need to do to grow the business you envision.

Can’t Fake Results Like this

"Working with Courtney has been the ‘kick up the butt’ I so desperately needed to start to take my business to the next level. The sheer volume of resources shared and Courtney’s expertise in the world of business automation and marketing makes this a course that you’ll regret not doing.”"

Louise Duncan


"Awesome course! I wish I would have had this information when I first started out as a sleep consultant but it is so incredibly valuable to me at this point in my career managing a team. The systems I was using before (17Hats) worked fine when it was just me and was somewhat manual with a small team. But as I continued to grow it just became unsustainable and the amount of time I would spend doing tedious manual tasks was not at all an effective use of my time. Courtney’s class has helped me automate my systems and learn even more about how to market my company."

Kaley Medina

“Above & beyond the best money spent on coaching. Because you are a sleep consultant, it makes the world of a difference versus a generic business coach who just tries to understand the business and then implement. You’ve been in the business long enough to know specifically what a sleep consultant needs to do and not only what to do but you teach us how to do it, where most coaches don’t. BEST. MONEY. SPENT in my 4 years of having running my business!”

Kala Guichard

"“Courtney is the Coach You NEED. I have hired many coaches in my years and learned lots but Courtney is the real deal, she is willing to dig deep and find a solution to your problem to help you keep moving forward. Courtney has a lot of experience and knowledge from past experiences that gives her an advantage compared to other coaches. Oh, and did I mention that she is the best?! She really makes sure your investment is going to improve your business and she really cares about the overall success. Thanks Courtney!"

Brooke Hohenadel

"As I continued to grow, the way I was doing things just became unsustainable and was not at all an effective use of my time. Courtney’s class has helped me automate my systems and learn even more about how to market my company."

Kaley Medina

"I had been searching for someone to support and educate me through this process, so I can grow my business to where I would like it to be. From the moment I began her AMAZING program, it was evident that Courtney possesses a unique passion for empowering other to succeed in their business. Courtney’s generosity of time, effort, knowledge, resources, and heart exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others and their businesses. Courtney’s ability to inspire and motivate me also allowed me to see the vision I ultimately want for my business."

Debbie Gerken, RNC-NICU

"Courtney is a standout professional, excelling in every capacity, from executing global projects to spearheading operational changes. Her work ethic and dedication are unparalleled, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. She is fearless, tackling high-stakes projects and difficult problems with ease. Courtney's no-nonsense approach makes her an exceptional communicator and problem solver, leading to breakthroughs in sales and organizational performance. Above all, her willingness to mentor others creates a cycle of success that uplifts the entire team. I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney; she's a true asset."

Chris Dee


What You Will Learn in the Lab

Aligned Action Business Coaching

Through our 6-step framework and over 50 lessons, we guide you step-by-step through the design of your business so that it is not only life-changing for your clients – but it brings you both the time and financial freedom that will change YOUR life.


Building Your Value

We dive deep to refine your direction and revisit your why, ensure you have a razor sharp focus and optimize your resources to align with the value you bring to your customers every day. 

Together, we’ll reshape your financial perspective with a deep dive into your money-mindset, pinpoint your niche, envision your ideal client avatar, evaluate and align your offerings with our offer assessment & alignment, and elevate your business proposition by building your value ladder. Take control, redefine your strategy, and soar to new heights.


Content Curation

People want to work with they know, like and trust. Does your content help you feel confident in your business and brand? In this module, we transform your perspective on creating quality content & provide an arsenal of sample ebooks, guides, charts, presentations and so much more to help you grow and scale. 

If your content doesn’t provide value, you won’t create the desire for anyone to want to work with you at the next level.


Nail Your Brand & Pitch

What does your brand say about you & your business. Does it show off your true value and expertise, positioning you as the brand to work with, or do you just blend in with the rest in your space with no clear differentiation and no rankings on page 1 of Google?

Stop doing it wrong. Own your unique expertise, build a brand that wins more work and reach more of your ideal target market with ease. 


Expanding Your Reach

With more and more people entering your market, the right strategy to expand your reach, influence and ultimately you conversions is critical. How you show up on search engines, what keywords you want to rank for and how to outrank your competition can be a confusing game, especially with A.I. hitting the market.  

The right framework, competitive analysis, and content strategy could mean the difference between page 1 and not even being on a clients radar. 

Getting Published without a PR Agency for free
Nework & Newhires

Packaged for Growth

Are you maxed out in your coaching business and looking to grow with different packages & offerings? Do you wish you had a quality referral network in place to do the selling for you? The wrong packages could flatline your revenue and have you missing out on revenue your clients would happily give you, if only you knew how.

Relationship selling and the right offers make working with you a no-brainer. Convert with confidence and finally achieve the results you desire.


Revenue on Repeat

Do you want up at the start of each month feeling apprehensive that you have to ‘do it all again’ and wish you could build programs that would allow you to create revenue on repeat from your products and your team?

This was the key to changing my business and I unlock those secrets here that will transform your mindset, revenue and perspective on your stagnant business model. That “business in a box” you got when you first started you can toss in the trash. Let me help you grow. 

Courtney Zentz - Business Coaching

by the end of this program

You will have


🙌 Total clarity on exactly how to grow and increase the profitability of your business.

🎉A growing community full of ideal clients and viral content that continues to attract new eyes and buyers everyday on your website and across social media.

💸 Bulletproof authority and a proven offer that gets your client’s unparalleled results and is constantly positioned to book out.

📈 A system that generates quality leads online consistently and repeatably… AND converts them into paying clients without ever spending a dime on Instagram and Facebook ads.

🚀 Total confidence, clarity, and control of your business with a proven roadmap to hit your first or next six figures in your business. You know how to pivot, launch new offers, grow your audience, and increase profitability that’s in alignment with your goals. 

Real results

Courtney Zentz Review

How will You benefit from working with Me

You have to be ready to change for things to change

01 Navigating the unique challenges of owning your own company, in a business world that often feels isolating, underscoring the need for specialized guidance and mentorship.

02Societal expectations and unconscious biases can hinder entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential without a dedicated strategy to break through these barriers.

03Entrepreneuers struggle to confidently charge what they’re worth, underscoring the value of a coach who understands their unique value propositions.

04Balancing the demands of family, societal pressures, and the rigors of entrepreneurship can be overwhelming without tailored strategies and support.

05Entrepreneurs often grapple with finding a community that truly understands and champions their specific needs, making a coach with expertise in this area invaluable.

All the Things in the Lab

Because I am invested in your success

I am not your average business coach. I have spent thousands on coaches, and the one thing I discovered after many years, most of them are not worth the investment. They are very good at selling their programs, not so good at teaching you how to implement their ideas.

Not here my friend. Raw, real coaching, showing you the how and why for each module, I am invested in you and your success. Don’t believe me, just read the reviews

Intake Assessment

This process enables us to gain a precise understanding of your current business status, your desired destination, and the primary challenges you seek assistance in overcoming.

Comprehensive Business Learning

You will receive the most comprehensive business education on the market, that I can promise you. I see so many business owners quit because passion doesn’t pay the bills, an executable business strategy does. 

I Teach You How…

So many “coaches” don’t coach. They either rely on “guest experts” or just share what the “experts” in their mastermind teach. Not here. I show you how to execute step-by-step in your business.

Lifetime Access to Content

 Don’t feel pressure to slam it all in. I teach a TON & never want you to worry about running out of time. You get lifetime access to the library, and any new modules we add as the business landscape evolves.

A Supportive Community

Solo entrepreneurship can be lonely. Our supportive and engaging network for sharing insights, overcoming challenges, and celebrating victories, giving you the collective wisdom and encouragement you need to succeed.

Marketing Trends

Each month, we share with you our best kept secrets on the rapidly changing world of marketing, tactical trainings and new tools we create to ensure you are applying new skills and saving time in the process.

For Business Owners Who Want More 1:1 Access

The LAB + 1:1 Coaching

The Lab + level of coaching is for Entrepreneurs who want more of me & the explosive tools, knowledge and resources I have under the hood{and who could resist that.} With this level, you will have 1:1 access to me, so I can meet you where you are and guide you through your business growth during our 6 months together.

12 Hours of 1:1 Time

Changes & upgrades in your processes, systems or mindset can stir up doubt and anxiety about your best path forward for your own business. Many of the Lab customers want private coaching with me, to teach and support your path. Book these sessions as you need coaching & support through the Lab.

{A $4200 Value}  

90 Minute Strategy Session

When you kickoff in the Lab, we will schedule a private 90 minute 1:1 strategy session, to plan your year, changes you need to make and exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. This session can be on the topic of your choice or left to us to help you plan, grow and scale. 

{A $497 Value}

Competitive Assessment

Gain an unparalleled advantage with a detailed competitive assessment for your market. We take you under the hood through our proprietary tools that uncover gaps in your approach and spotlight fresh avenues for innovation. Learn, adapt, and surge ahead of your competition.

{A $497 Value}

Rolodex Gold

Gain the ultimate edge with a tailored Rolodex of competitors and referral partners curated for your unique vertical. Dive into a rich repository of key players, streamlining your networking and partnership efforts. With this vital resource in hand, strategically navigate connections.

{A $997 Value}

A SEO Deep Dive

Boost your digital visibility and seize the competitive edge with a comprehensive SEO deep dive analysis tailored for your business. Uncover hidden opportunities to thrive organically, ensuring you not only rank higher but resonate stronger with your target audience.

{A $497 Value}  

The Course Creation Compass

A 6-part step by step program, designed to arm you with a fail-proof strategy, robust systems, and support essential for scaling first or next passive income product that sells while you sleep. Design, build and launch your course in as little as 6 weeks.

{A $1497 Value}

coaching & bonuses valued at over


the Frequently asked Q’s

These are just a few questions about The Lab that I have answered, to help you feel confident in your decision to make a change today.


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How much time will I need to commit?

That depends on your pace, work hours, and how quickly you want to increase your revenue and expand your business. Like anything in life, you get out what you put into it.

When are the Live Calls?

All training, education, and coaching calls are recorded and posted to the community so that you can watch them when it suits you best and still achieve the results you desire from the program. The open Zoom coaching calls are posted in the Portal and times / days of the week vary to support a global client base. 

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Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, you can choose to pay in full or through a payment plan over the duration of the program. 

Do You Offer 1:1 Coaching?

Yes, there is the opportunity to have me as your coach in the capacity of 1:1 consulting alongside the Lab.