It was January 2019, and there we were, in What’s App, the remaining handful of Sleep Consultants that I had trained with just four years earlier. Of the original 25 that joined me in Sarasota, Florida, from all over the world to become Sleep Sense Certified Sleep Consultants, only five remained. The others didn’t make it. Some quit before they started, others realized how hard it is to actually run a business once you have the expertise of the subject matter, and for some, life happened.

The fantastic thing about this career is that I am genuinely helping people at a low point in their lives. They feel lost, they feel overwhelmed, they feel… chaos.

What’s ironic is the very people helping the exhausted parents whose children didn’t sleep through the night could sleep either because they were struggling in their business. Where was the next lead coming from? How do I build a newsletter? What should I write about? Why are there so many confusing systems that seemingly don’t speak to each other?

I could see why 75% of the baby sleep coaches I certified with failed. They didn’t know what they were doing in business. The problem is that no one taught them business. Even the “business in a box” they were promised was oversold and underdelivered.

In my business’s pediatric and adult sleep coaching arm at Tiny Transitions, we transform sleep and allow people to feel their best on many levels. This work is magical and very rewarding. Before becoming a baby sleep coach, I was a business boss. I worked in marketing for a Fortune 500 and was good at it. Hustle, travel, speak, lead. I thrived on it all and was compensated generously for it. I learned how to do a lot in my various roles, and I almost took it all for granted.

So, now that you have some context on my background, if you are new around here, let’s get into that first client. In a group What’s App with a handful of the remaining sleep coaches, we chatted about clients, business, and the lonely life of entrepreneurship. I was sharing advice and help with something, which I was always happy to do and had done with these ladies since we started. Well, as you guessed, a former investment banker turned sleep coach in that chat started it. “When are you going to charge us for all this amazing coaching?”

Frankly, I never thought about that. I just wanted to help my friends succeed.  

So, there it was the idea. The idea stemmed from some planning sessions and content creation, and a few months later, the Sleep Coach Success Lab was born. She was my first client. 

Since launching The Lab, I have realized my passion is multi-channel. Helping tried families build healthy sleep habits for life. Help my team grow and thrive in their own sleep consulting practices and help other entrepreneurs now, even outside of Sleep Consultants, to build businesses that help them feel empowHEARD.  

You see, I found the gap in the market. Most business coaches were full of shit. They were really good at sales but terrible at execution. They didn’t know how to do any of it. So once they had your money, the bait and switch happened. I hired a coach once and never got to speak with her one-on-one for more than 2 minutes. It was infuriating and misrepresented when I joined, and it wasn’t cheap. Recently, even a fellow Sleep Consultant Business Coach did some similar things to current members of my Accelerator program, and they felt burned and hesitant. I don’t blame them. 

I want entrepreneurs to thrive through my teachings. To implement what I show them, to learn HOW, not just WHY, and to build confidence in their offerings and business savvy. As fellow business boss and brand expert said, “Courtney, you make order out of chaos in both the lives of tired families and overwhelmed business owners.” 

So, several years and over 100 revived businesses later, here we are, on a journey to balance the harmony & hustle in my life and the lives of my clients all over the world.